My Towers

I am not sure if you are able to remember where you were on September 11, 2001, but I can remember where I was.

want. coffee. gun. (the fake version inspired by nothing).

"Oh, fuck!" said the Television reporter. Not a normal thing for a television reporter to say, but given the circumstances, a very common reaction to the situation at hand.

What do an Old Man and Nigeria have in common? Dick Cheney, of course!

The nation of Nigeria has recently charged Dick Cheney for bribery involving the U.S. based Halliburton Company while Cheney was still serving as its top official.

What if my God is your Allah?

Let's get this straight right now. I'm a straight up Catholic. I am going through Confirmation, and I am getting inducted into the Knights Of Columbus.

Got WikiLeaks?

I was on Wikileaks the other day. Have you ever tried to look around on the War logs? Those files are so bland and filled with acronyms and abbreviations that it makes me go berserk every time I get on.

The Intelligent Mr. Assange

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange turned himself in yesterday morning in Okay Britain. He is to be extradited to the country of Sweden due to charges of sexual abuse. The charges are minute - the longest amount of time that he can spend in prison is up to four years.

Three Strikes and you're out of Cote d'Ivoire!

"I'd like some peanuts and a bag of cracker jacks," said one observer as they were watching the game play out on the Television Screen.

Staying Fresh, just like me., a Seattle-based company, has just come out with a new service: grocery delivery. They are calling their service Amazon Fresh. The Slogan for this new online department? "Buy your groceries here and save,"

Michael Steele Rode around in a big red bus, but Boris Yeltsin stood ona F#$King tank.

Will things be better off in Washington now that the Republicans have control of the house?

Is this just a headache?

Four days ago I started getting these intense headaches. I have thought of everything - maybe it was the water that I drank down in Hermiston when I went to visit my mother. The water smelled and tasted like corn, you know. Maybe it was some of the food I ate out in Seattle last week. Maybe I have cholera. Maybe, maybe, maybe…

My, what large cables you have!

"My, what large diplomatic immunity you have!" said the girl, as she was staring at the rather large diplomatic pouch carried around by the Wolf, who had disguised himself as the girl's grandmother.

Hello world! Where do I belong?

Hello, indeed. Startling, I'd say, that I am one of two people that I know with a WordPress blog. I'm new to this, but I have a feeling that I am of a generation where blogging online will be second nature in the very near future.