Michael Steele Rode around in a big red bus, but Boris Yeltsin stood ona F#$King tank.

Will things be better off in Washington now that the Republicans have control of the house?
To understand what may be in our future, a good parallel is what happened to Russia after Boris Yeltsin demanded that Communism be defeated by the righteous forces of a "Western-style" Democracy.
It took Vladimir Putin nearly a decade to clean up the mess left behind by our old buddy Boris.
Yeltsin had run on a campaign promise that he would eliminate the corruption and greed that had somehow allowed itself to funnel through the steam vents of the Kremlin roof, and to infect every member of the Soviet Parliament at the time. Change was needed, he said. He promised the people that together, they could bring about that positive change.
The fact that this sounds familiar means that you have caught on. The new democratic society Yeltsin was promising was not going to be a righteous force of good, turning out to be rather more of a sanctimonious force of Totalitaria.
One of Yeltsin's first acts of Presidency was to surround the Parliament, and to weed out all those who opposed him. As a matter of fact, after he had appointed a new prime minister, he went back for seconds. This time, nearly four hundred people died in the following battle between the Soviet forces of the Parliament, and the Democratic forces of the Kremlin (the Russian White House). Yeltsin had finally managed to take down his opposition.
The story of Boris Yeltsin only gets worse from there. In the short span of seventeen months, Yeltsin had managed to fire four separate Prime Ministers to achieve the goal of crippling the government and causing a widespread economic downturn. Under Yeltsin, the country of Russia had become the antiseptic hole that we know it to be today.
Today, we look to Russia for all the examples of what we are not supposed to do in government. How many comparisons can you draw between the new Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and Boris Yelstin? Fell from grace, voted back into power. This makes me scared - I hope he doesn't assassinate every member of congress.