The Wise and The Mature

Beyond the subjective or objective points of view, there is something called the "third-party" perspective. As goes Rome, so they say, so goes the rest of the world.

The Dogs Who Defend Us

There are 13 qualities that the United States of America seeks in each of its candidates for the Foreign Service Officership. Those 13 qualities, known as the "13 Dimensions" are the guiding light of every US Ambassador. They have to deal with the individual's awareness of the changing world, and their ability to think quickly in an environment that might not be all that "friendly."

The Secular Faith

I was having a challenging debate with one of my peers the other day over a cup of hot tea as to the concept of faith, and what it truly means to have faith in anything.

Get A New Job

I've just been thinking about how the majority of workers in this union are dissatisfied with their current employment situations. People are so infatuated with the mediocre idea that if they quit a job that they already have tied down, that they will never again be able to find another one. It is a sort of slavery, a slavery of the mind of the majority of our Capitalist Union.

Zoon Politikon

Man is a political animal. The saying has been around for centuries ever since Socrates said that about mankind. Except, what most historians have urged the public masses to realize is that Socrates lived a long time ago.

My Public Private Battle With The Mysterious League Of Anons

I don't like hackers very much. They make me feel extremely self-conscious and insecure. I usually do not display to many traits of extreme introversion, but the mysterious league of Anons that has been plaguing my favorite organizations has my mind oft in the gutters of daily human activity.

The Horse's Ass

It has been observed by the writers of the popular HBO news drama, THE NEWSROOM, that the common political movement known as the Republican "Tea Party" is closely aligned with the ideas and concepts of an "American Taliban." I believe, as well as many of my fellow journalists, that the show greatly misappropriated the Taliban.