What Is It Good For?

The way street light plays off shadow in the dark is like any army fighting in a land unknown. Does a street lamp cast a gaze that can see into the soul of an individual? Or does it simply gaze upon its surface, illuminating its physical fallacies?

Esprit de Corps

Opposing orders. First Sergeant, in the spirit of hating Christmas, wants his privates to take the star off of the top of the Christmas tree and to deliver it to his office. Sergeant First Class stands in front of the tree, in the love of Christmas, turning back the soldiers as they go for the star. This situation may seem simple, and yet it represents something far more complicated than is imaginable.

Erin Gobragh

Someone recently asked me, dude if you are so friggin Irish, why don't I see anything about Ireland on your friggin blog?

More Bloody Days To Come

Rising from the proverbial ashes of war and conflict a new Phoenix that is Arabia learns how to breathe. So many days of violence. So many bodies litter the streets. So much blood.

Nay, it may never stop. Man is inherently evil. Man might truly be the only creature on Earth that kills for fun.

The Blow

The BLOW! What is the blow?

Who shall teach thee what the Blow is?

The Justice and Prosperity of Islam's Golden Age

Pick up a pencil. Go ahead, sharpen it a little. I mean real sharp. Now take it and hold it it your non-good hand. Look at it real good for a few minutes and contemplate... long and hard.

I Am A Human Being

What is humanity? It has been defined as the able to differentiate between what you perceive and perception itself. The most common example is that a human being can perceive a unicorn in its mind, but we know that we have never seen a unicorn before. But the very definition of humanity is coming dangerously close to changing, due to the previously unknown abilities of great apes.

The Walmart Protests: I Am Walmart

In the Political Science discipline, we like to call Walmart a "multinational corporation." These entities, not unlike Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) such as the UN, have a direct impact on the affairs of individuals and governments throughout the world.