Because Puddles

What do you like to do in puddles?

Do you like to jump in them?

Watching the way the waves splash out and break apart upon impact with the leafiness of a giant canister of CS gas on a riot usually makes my day, especially when I'm wearing purple polka-dotted rain boots.

When Theory Becomes Approach

We all remember the time when we were in primary education, and the teacher told us about the "scientific method." Most Americans have become automatically predisposed to approaching the world in this way. In this method, we are taught to differentiate between fact, theory, and observation. These are strikingly different concepts and we are all aware of the dissimilarities existent. There is something that many people forgo, however, over time and through complacency. That is the difference between using a theory as simply a theory, and using it as an approach to all else. Therin lies our ever-most complexity.

The Name Of My Clan

I was asked by the Clans of Ireland registry to start an online representation for the members of my clan. This is an interesting thought, considering that there are five individual septs of the clan that carried my name in Ireland alone. Around the world, the descendants of the hound are everywhere. In this I am reaching out to YOU. If you have ever carried the name of my clan, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will include you in the effort. This project may seem at this point insurmountable, but with enough oomph, I think we can get this done. You are not alone.

Colonization, Imperialism, and the Subjugation of New Peoples

If there were two types of people in the world, they could be taxonomically classified into a few separate individual categories.

On Referendum 74

"AN ACT Relating to providing equal protection for all families in Washington by creating equality in civil marriage and changing domestic partnership laws, while protecting religious freedom... BE IT ENACTED BY THE STATE OF WASHINGTON..." - Referendum 74

Exit Through A Clock On The Wall

There is a blistering cold approaching. People have always said that winter is the season of death. The illustrious bear goes into hibernation. The leaves have long since fallen off of the maple tree, and snow begins to fall on the western red cedar. It is not a season of actual death, people die every day. It is a season of death in nature.