The most interesting thing that I have ever seen at the bottom of atall urinal

I've had an epiphany. It's interesting how it always seems to be the things that you have heard so many times in your life that are the most profound statements ever made.


There is no point in being pessimistic about the prospects of life, if you have God in your heart.

My favorite place to write?

People often ask me where my favorite place to write is. In a recent conversation with a new reader, this topic came up. The conversation is below.

What the fuck? and other stories from the deep blue sea

I've recently returned from a sabbatical in terms of my writing. I have used this time away from my journals and word processors to gather my thoughts, further develop my stylistic approaches to writing, and develop my empirical form.

What Else Is New?

I recently read a headline on the website THEDAILYBEAST, where I get much of my first-source information. Don’t worry, I’m not the type of guy to skim the cheat sheet and never think to check up on the story and its sources in triplicate through my wide variety of ever diminishing real news sources. I was majorly concerned with the Headline that read Tennis Has A Doping Problem.


There was a Christian bitch on campus the other day. I'm not sure how else to put it. She was stomping around Red Square and telling students how they were all going to hell. Her white tee shirt proclaimed the words "TRUST JESUS." She was shouting so loudly that a few classes nearby were cancelled. There were a few students who got so perturbed by her presence that they stooped to her level and started shouting back.

The Mind Wasted

Today, as I was in the process of hurriedly attempting to apply for a passport in the four hours between my scheduled events of the day, I made a stop at the Bellingham Public Library to print off a passport application.  As I was waiting in line to speak to the Reference Librarian, I overheard an older woman speaking to the RL about the US Army.

And The Dragon Goes To Sleep Again: the character and nature of the USAas a warfighting nation in turbulent times.

It is when your breath fogs in front of your face, when icicles form at the end of your beard, and when your nostrils feel dry and caked. It is when your adrenaline is pumping, and your hands are shaking. It is when the sweat beads in drones off the surface of your face. It is when your way is lit by the mechanical eyes of your infrared night vision.

What Happened to the Revolt?

NOTE: It is my first time ever blogging about economics, and I hope I have done well enough of a job here in my calculations to have this post be considered valid by even the most suave and sophisticated of derivative authors and Corporate Law Underwriters. This is a topic that not enough people in this country understand.

Insult and Injury Make for a Dose of Pain Killers

Recently, I was presented with a question as to why I referred to Sarah Palin, the former Vice-Presidential Candidate as having Bi-Polar disorder on my page, Antonymically Correct. As you - my fellow readers - know, this is the page where I list those people, ideas, and institutions of whom I have little regard for professionally. On this page, I wrote the following statement in complaining about Sarah Palin:
She’s obviously bipolar, manic, and stupid."

The Plight of Mohamed Mohamud; US Citizens Being Recruited By The Enemy

The beginning of this particular story does not take place in the dusty and arid deserts of Yemen, where the AQAP has been violently active in its training and recruitment of young Muslims for the last decade and a half. It is said that a plane trip to Yemen is a plane trip to heaven, and the same could have been said of Somalia before last October. Nor does our story begin in the mediocre and rainy streets of  Portland, Oregon, where a young Mohamed Mohamud was recruited by "Yousef," a member of Al-Quaeda who had ties to the high command. The beginning of our story takes place neither in the when of either of these two stories, but rather many years before the words "Al Quadea" were considered household items.

Consumerism With A Capital "C"

What the hell is your purpose on planet earth? Is it to simply be a part of this world of consumption, or is it to think freely? What does it mean to think freely? Are you a free thinker? Have you ever even had a free thought in you entire fucking life?