Insult and Injury Make for a Dose of Pain Killers

Recently, I was presented with a question as to why I referred to Sarah Palin, the former Vice-Presidential Candidate as having Bi-Polar disorder on my page, Antonymically Correct. As you - my fellow readers - know, this is the page where I list those people, ideas, and institutions of whom I have little regard for professionally. On this page, I wrote the following statement in complaining about Sarah Palin:
She’s obviously bipolar, manic, and stupid."

The Plight of Mohamed Mohamud; US Citizens Being Recruited By The Enemy

The beginning of this particular story does not take place in the dusty and arid deserts of Yemen, where the AQAP has been violently active in its training and recruitment of young Muslims for the last decade and a half. It is said that a plane trip to Yemen is a plane trip to heaven, and the same could have been said of Somalia before last October. Nor does our story begin in the mediocre and rainy streets of  Portland, Oregon, where a young Mohamed Mohamud was recruited by "Yousef," a member of Al-Quaeda who had ties to the high command. The beginning of our story takes place neither in the when of either of these two stories, but rather many years before the words "Al Quadea" were considered household items.

Consumerism With A Capital "C"

What the hell is your purpose on planet earth? Is it to simply be a part of this world of consumption, or is it to think freely? What does it mean to think freely? Are you a free thinker? Have you ever even had a free thought in you entire fucking life?