Stranded on the North Shore

The dodge is broke down. Here, just past Turtle Bay on Oahu’s North Shore, in the parking lot in front of Fumi's Kahuku Shrimp truck.

A night with the stars, and all that I'm left with is questions.

NOTE: The following was written in a nightclub in Honolulu, on a collection of paper towels that I got from the restroom.

At Pearl Harbor

The wind ripples across the surface of the water.

24 Hours in SEATAC Airport

NOTE: These events are the prequel to my most recent post.


I’ve finally made it to the beach.

It’s 3am.

It’s humid.

A way with words

NOTE: I wrote this in a remote mountain village in north Africa. It was sunrise.

Someone recently told me that I have a way with words.

A way with words.

The Ghost of She

The wall.

I’ve been staring at it for the past three hours.

It hasn’t moved. Wait a minute - no, that was just my stomach.

Spaghettification: On coming home, after a long time away.

Driving along the gray asphalt “Scenic Byway” that is Langley Loop: wind, rain, and the vestigial radio waves of talking heads hit my windshield as I make my way to drop off my next resume.

My fascination with Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams is one of my favorite authors.