Into the Mind of the Money-Eyed: How the world is becoming centeredaround the illusion of economy

There is a startling trend in the world today. The trend of the mass populous in this individualistic society moving further and further into an Orwellian post-apoc world where there are no more nationalities or ethnicities, but corporations.

How I went broke, and you can too! In seven easy steps.

Let's set the record straight on this one: I was born into what many people I have associated myself with over the years would call abject poverty.

Surf's up in Paradise, and so are the hookers.

Oahu. Paradise. That’s what they call it. The brochures. The television documentaries.
I say that if you are not too careful, Oahu can be a living Hell.

Spooky City

This city. This youthful vibrance. This aged decrepitating filth.