This is a response to an article sent to me by one of my Political Science professors. None of this should be thought of as a scholarly approach to any of this. This is just how my brain works.

Well, I certainly don’t agree with everything that Noam Chomsky said here. Like, most of the times he opens his mouth someone working for DARPA keels over and dies. But, moving beyond my disconnect with how he compared the fringe set of the Republican party to an enemy force as honorable and formidable as the Jihadi movement - as well as his remark on abortion rights, which is a fucked up situation to begin with and should never be glossed over - I can compromise with the theory he presents.

I don’t see this as an insurgency. And I wonder why Chomsky, who has so often reminded us of our American imperialisms around the world, would misappropriate that word here. This movement has largely been nonviolent in my perspective. And this nation prides itself on free thought: Mitch McConnell railroading and filibustering doesn’t seem to me an insurgency. It seems to me an aftereffect of something that should be illegal in the first place: the political party.

I despise political parties. I think THAT is what we should work toward tearing down with a giant hammer. Our elections are long enough for the electorate to do RESEARCH on the candidates.

Another cause of this effect of this nation becoming more fringe is probably EDUCATION.

A famous line said to me once: “Tectonic plates are bullshit.” You can not have an opinion on a fact. But if you believe that the facts are all lies, how are we supposed to convince you that we’re telling the truth? Of course, tectonic plates ARE bullshit, but not the kind of bullshit he was referring to. Tectonic plates are bullshit because we all hate earthquakes and would rather there never be another earthquake. Tectonic plates are NOT bullshit because the world government is working on underwater nuclear explosions to simulate the effect of an earthquake and tectonic plates don’t exist. 

Of course, the fact is that the US government DID test simulated earthquakes underwater during the second world war as an offensive weapon against the Japanese, but we stopped that. It didn’t work that well anyways, and there were massive environmental complications.

But since it happened once, this guy who said this to me: “Tectonic plates are bullshit” believes that it is still happening. Which, as a government employee, I can categorically deny. One thing that is bullshit? The teutonic knights, fuck those guys.

The problem of mass editorial media passing themselves off as news might also have a role here. When certainly only a small percentage of the 24 hour news cycle is actually news, the rest being opinion and product placement, are Americans still educated enough to recognize when the wool’s being pulled over their eyes?

As for the remarks on Climate Change and Nuclear War: I agree 100%. The Admirals in charge of the Coast Guard and the Navy as well as SECNAV and Odinero have REPEATEDLY warned us, whether it be on the CSIS podcast, at CFR, on the Oxford IR Society website, or even in my own Army email chain, that Climate Change is the most dangerous enemy that our country faces today.

Of course, one might claim that this is really all just a result of John Anthony Walker Jr.’s deep cover Soviet spy ring in the USA, advancing to the highest positions of power in American business and government to rapidly advance ice melt over the last four decades in the Arctic Circle so that Mother Russia might have access to waterways and natural resources it never had before - but that’s probably a BULLSHIT theory.