I found this one hiding in my filing cabinets as I was re-shuffling my shit. From the paperweight and font, I deduce that it was written somewhere as I was on my way to College for the first time.

How many shades of gray are there-
In the midst of my aching creation?
How many numbers between one and two?
Infinity, reigns like an iron fist.

How many shades of gray are there-
in the abyss between black and white?
good, bad, immoral, human genocide,
and the ugly concepts of arrogant life.

How many shades of gray are there -
on these lonely island beaches of mind?
Gray is the color of death corroding
away at the souls of my aching feet.

Everything that I see is blurry and gray.
Clouds are gray. Bribery is gray. Questions?
I answer with no, never, not on my -
life. Live it, drive one, know your limits.


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