I know that it's been a bit of time since I've written a post. I am ashamed of this, and I deeply regret not posting anything sooner.

I wanted to update all of you on the newest thing in my life - a source of positivity for me, and an amazing source of hope: ELECTRIC VEHICLES. (EV's)

For the past nine months, I have been converting a 1984 Firebird Trans AM to FULLY ELECTRIC. This thing will not at all be powered by any sort of combustion engine or fossil fuel, so I will no longer feel any guilt about the role that I've played in creating a shittier climate. It has been an incredible and eye-opening thing, and I never knew that I would ever in my life become so interested in cars. Every day I get to learn new things, and apply them directly to the project.

The website where I have been documenting my build is, and the Firebird is called the "STARFIGHTER X," based on Luke Skywalker's X-Wing Fighter in Star Wars. I ALSO HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL DOCUMENTING THE BUILD:

It's been fun, a lot of fun. Also challenging.

I've come into a world of new knowledge and have been meeting and tweeting new people in this niche world of EV's.

People like these:

Benjamin Sullens, Jehu Garcia, Sofiaan Fraval, Robert Llewellyn, Jonny Smith, EV West, Zac and Jessee Cataldo, Andy Slye, everyone at the Electric Auto Association, and Niki Gordon-Bloomfield.

Among others.

I should also mention that I have tee shirts for sale to help me buy the parts for the build:

They're available through an outfit called, owned by the guys over at the Now You Know youtube channel: For every tee shirt you buy, a tree is planted in the Amazon rainforest. No shit, legit. Buy a tee, plant a tree.

I'm ALSO now a Chapter President within an organization called the ELECTRIC AUTO ASSOCIATION. My chapter of the EAA is called the "CENTRAL WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY ELECTRIC VEHICLE CLUB." The website for this club is

We want to build a nonprofit electric vehicle conversion garage in downtown Ellensburg, so keep your eyes open for that.

All of this started 9 months ago. It's like - whoah, what? Less than a year in, and I'm already a chapter PRESIDENT? And a YouTuber?

Yeah. I'm legit. Buy one of my tee shirts, please.


Words are the ineffable formations of mind states left behind as an afterthought of stardust collisions and gaseous explosions. Yet they are treated today with so much foley? What happened to the power of words?

Ingrained within the human desire for togetherness might also be a desire for exclusivity - that you are a part of something new, unique, and niche. And in that also comes the bastardization of etymology. Younguns don't give a shit about history, right?

There is no prescident for the vague and shadowy misappropriations of words that have been engrained into our language from the time of Johnson's Oats.

This is not, though, a dig at culture, or indeed its adoption of new words, invented or otherwise.

Inevitability. Causality. Where do I fit? Where do we fit like jigsaw pieces to a giant puzzle of confused disorder? How long do we march to trumpet beats and have our feet get mangled on ground made of cellophane tape, with a crowd of disheveled onlookers and grubby, grimy politicians in pinstripe suits with wide lapels from Hugo Boss?

Mopped up. Chopped up. Done up, forever wasted in a basket by the door. Some words don’t make the cut. Some words are sealed inside plastic bags and sloppily tossed in the fridge as leftovers for weekends and fancy party tricks. Some words we pick up and tip into a large stew to simmer, ready for plucking upon a happenstance; words like jigger.

Cut to black.