Names to Never be Used Again

 Nobody will ever name their kid Karen for the next fifty years. Karens have been lost to time, but only for meme culture - which is a fucking shame. That meme culture had to create something terrible - and I'll place a wager that the first Karen wasn't even named Karen.

Not true with Adolf. Adolf was certainly named Adolf - and there are perfectly understandable reasons why nobody will ever be named Adolf again.

HOWEVER, isn't that some bullshit? Why did the actions of one single Adolf have to ruin the name in the heart of time itself?

The NAME didn't do anything bad. It was a person who wore the name.

We wear our names like clothing, suits, jackets, jorts... we don't belong to them any more than we belong to our shoes. We wear shoes. 

OJ Simpson is forever tied to a pair of gloves. But what was the name of that brand of gloves? Have you ever bothered to look up the answer?

It was Isotoner. And in all honesty - nobody gives a shit. The name Isotoner was not famous before or after the OJ trial for any reason whatever, only cared about by rich fucks, and only worn by even richer ones.

I think it's high time we repossess the imagry and the names of things that have stained them with evilness, and turn them back into goodness. If every little boy born in the next century were called Adolf - wouldn't some of them turn out to be good men? Couldn't we change the culture of fear that surrounds it?

We need more women in the world named Karen, and more men named Adolf - lest we let our FEAR dictate our actions, instead of our using our massive human brains to overcome those ridiculous sentiments.

What is a name?

Where do you live? What's it called? Detroit? Seattle? Tampa?

But what was it called before you were born? I don't ask it in this fashion to be solipsistic about it - I ask it to say that before the stars burned, what was it called?

Did you know that the place in which America sits had names before white people got here? Many names - but many today have agreed to call it "Turtle Island."

Turtle Island is the name that the indigenous peoples of North America call their home.

People used to live here. People have lived here for THOUSANDS of years.

10,000 years before the pyramids were built - people lived here.


The island that I was born on, Whidbey, also had a name before white people ever got there;

Tschakolechy - this is the name of my homeland, the place where I was born, but never bothered to learn much about.

I was born in a foreign country called America.


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