I told Kris Angel that I thought David Copperfield was a better magician,
and then he blocked me on Twitter. It's almost like he was never there at all...

O O O 
When Undersecretary Patrick F. Kennedy asked me what turned me on in politics, my response was admittedly way too fucking cliché: "I want to help save the world."

I know, ew, gross. But I think that this seemingly-easy answer might actually sum up the entirety of my existence. It's why I joined the military. It's why I am interested in politics. Why I write books and do podcasts and even this shitty blog; I think that I have something interesting to contribute to the world other than prose.

Everything that I do - everything that I've done up till now has been an effort to UNDERSTAND the human condition - what makes people do what they do, especially when the aftermath of their decisions leads to drastic outcomes.
Right now I might be having some sort of difficulties understanding exactly what I want from this life and my short time on this planet, but I think we're all asking ourselves the same question in some form every day of our lives.

I should think so. I would never want to exist without that itch that is never scratched. It can be maddening living with myself. The never-ending supply of questions my brain is asking are often met either with more questions or answers that I really don't enjoy. I often am plagued with the burden of self-doubt and doubt in humanity.