Good Podcasts. Shit music.

Pterodactyl is the Official Podcast of the Central Washington University Electric Vehicle Club. I'm the Chapter President, and I have been hosting a podcast about Electric Vehicles since the Coronavirus pandemic fucked up all of our projects.

Countering Intelligence is based off a joke tweet I sent out back in 2016;
"If I ever start a comedy club, I want to call it Countering Intelligence and put it across the street from the CIA."
Dad joke? Sure, why not. But it got me thinking about that name, and starting a podcast about spies n shit.

This Little Podcast is just a little podcast. Essays, poems, thoughts, witticisms, and interviews with people that I find interesting. The topics are whatever I feel like they should be. It's just a little podcast.


SANITY was my first podcast. It was an audio exploration. It was a journey in expression. It is an archive to that period of my life when I was the weirdest person I knew. I was sad. I was lonely. I was without purpose. And I was funny. Who knows, maybe I'll make another episode some day?

Go North. DPRK is best DPRK. This is the Department of Punk Rock Kastles. A comedic audio journey masquerading as the shittiest music you've ever heard. Into the mind and life of DPRK now.