The South End  (A Novel)

Still in development

It's the middle of his third deployment to Afghanistan, and US Army Ranger Staff Sergeant Brooklyn Parker has just been recalled to his childhood home on South Whidbey Island - to attend the funeral of his sister, who has apparently committed suicide by jumping off the bridge at Deception Pass.

The investigation concluded suicide.
The coroner's report concluded suicide.

Brooklyn has doubts, and proceeds to launch his own investigation. Within six hours, he is in the middle of a vast conspiracy. A foreign Consular Officer is abducted from his home in La Conner.  A neo nazi is apparently hiding out in Greenbank. A US Marshall's head is found on a spike at Sandy Point. A bomb scare on the ferry. A mob hit in the middle of First Street. And everyone is trying to kill him.

Drawing mostly upon historical events for inspiration, Guylaen O'Connor has created a deeply humorous, instantly dark technothriller urban shoot-em-up on the backdrop of South Whidbey Island.