starfighter x


As a kid, I went golfing with my father every weekend during the Spring and Summer. I learned how to drive in an electric golf cart when I was nine years old. When I was in sixth grade, my father traded some of his manual labor for a 1970's Harley Davidson Electric Golf Cart, and I drove that thing every day down our long crushed gravel driveway through the forest to pick up the mail from the box. So I've been used to driving electric for a long time, but I never thought it might be feasible to create an actual car with that same technology. But then a company called Tesla sold a thing called a Roadster to a man named Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ever since I heard about the Tesla Roadster, I've wanted one. But I can't fucking afford that shit. When SACHUMO was getting rid of his 1984 Firebird Trans Am, he asked me if I wanted it. I decided I would turn it into a Tesla on my own.


A 1984 Firebird Trans-AM that I am converting to a 100% Electric Vehicle. The name of this project is "THE STARFIGHTER X," as inspired by Luke's X-Wing Fighter from Star Wars. The STARFIGHTER X will have a Tesla Model S P85 rear motor drivetrain, and at its completion will have a 80-(ish)KWH power pack with a real-world 300 mile range as well.

On March 12, 2019, I acquired a 1984 Firebird Trans Am with a Chevy 305 V8, and began the process of converting it into a fully electric vehicle.

My goal is to have it completely converted into an electric vehicle before the end of January, so I can take it on a road trip to the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas so I can attend FULLY CHARGED LIVE USA on February 1-2. I know that if I just do a little bit each day, I will have it finished by then, but I’m not sure how much of a range it will have prior to the conference.



Remove Exhaust and Manifold

Cut the manifold in half, weld the pipe onto the base, and turn it into a desk lamp.

Remove radiator and hoses

Remove seats

Gut the carpet, throw it away or give to the cats to scratch on

Lift the 305 V8 and set it aside.

Drop the gas tank.

Learn how to spot weld

Purchase used Tesla large drive unit

Purchase used battery pack

Hack the drive unit, purchase a controller

Purchase and hack a Tesla model S MCU


Gear shift

Electric Brake system

Re-install window controls into the door



Adapt the floor axle well to fit the Chevy volt battery pack

Drop the Trans/axle

Bolt the drive unit in place, attach rear wheels

Flair out rear panels above the wheel wells (Tesla motor plus wheels is 77inches wide - Firebird is only 74 inches wide)

replace several heavy steel parts with prepreg carbon fiber

Hack a CAN BUS together

As time progresses, keep purchasing more batteries to increase range

Install coolant system for batteries, controller, motor, etc

Install level 3 Chargepoint under fuel filler cap and Charger Controller

Replace gauge cluster with EV gauges / hacked digital gauge cluster

Incorporate MCU into the stereo system - no tunes means no drive. Period.

Check traditional 12v functionality (hazzards, headlights, tail, brakes, indicators, speakers)

Buy a new drivers seat (something where I won't hit my head on the roof while driving), replace passenger seat

Create a Frunk (Also known as Froot in UK)


Drive to Austin in February

Paint it


Tesla Rear Motor/Drivetrain = 2,999.99 (plus 499.99 shipping)

Battery Pack = !!!!!!!!

Cables and connectors = Several hundred dollars

Motor Controller = ???

Throttle = 50 to 80

Carbon Fiber Hood replacement = 719.10

Other carbon fiber replacements = ???

Creation of a Frunk / Froot = 100 - 300

BMS = ???

Contacter = ???

Tesla Model S MCU = 850 plus shipping

Tesla Model S Charge Port Assembly = 146.51 plus shipping

ZEVA Fuel Gauge Driver V2 = 190

Heating/Cooling elements = 800(ish)

TOOLS = 1,000

Random-ass shit I haven't thought of yet = probably about one thousand