My, what large cables you have!

"My, what large diplomatic immunity you have!" said the girl, as she was staring at the rather large diplomatic pouch carried around by the Wolf, who had disguised himself as the girl's grandmother.

"All the more for me to make obscene gestures and rude remarks about you without getting arrested for them," replied the Wolf. He was a bit of a jokester, but the trouble was nobody ever laughed at his jokes. Was he not as funny as he thought? Where were all the laughs when he said that the German Chancellor was a lot like Teflon? Maybe it was the fact that he was a wolf that threw people off - he wasn't like the others, but he just couldn't bring himself to face the facts that he WAS just like the others. It didn't matter to these foreigners that he was a good person inside, all that mattered was that he was a wolf, and wolves ate people.

"Well, Grandmother, you sure have changed since the last time I saw you. I think that you have gained some weight," replied the girl.

Why in the world did she have to bring up his weight? All grandmothers were fat, right?

"I don't know what the members at the senior gymnasium will say the next time they see you. You should also work on your teeth, they look way too dirty for any high class lady like yourself," continued the girl.

"Alright! Fine! I'll go and get botox like Bill Clinton or Sarah Palin  - will that make you feel better? I'll go out and start surfing like John Kerry and Vladimir Putin to get rid of this fat belly. You should know this, though. I'm not who you think I am... I am a wolf. I eat people,"

"Fine, If you are a wolf, I'm the Little Red Riding Hood," said the girl as she stormed out of the house in a furry.

The wolf was left in the house, alone.

Three weeks later the girl was caught by the Red Guard on her way to work at Disneyland. She is now being held on suspicion of spying for the USA within Iranian borders. Her bleak future is written on the walls of the notorious Evin Prison.