Get A New Job

I've just been thinking about how the majority of workers in this union are dissatisfied with their current employment situations. People are so infatuated with the mediocre idea that if they quit a job that they already have tied down, that they will never again be able to find another one. It is a sort of slavery, a slavery of the mind of the majority of our Capitalist Union.
It is, however, by and far the making of "our" own actions. From the retailer's point of view, the ability of the average consumer to make rational purchases has been overwhelmingly decreased and in some cases disappeared due to a great shift in what the public considers scarce. People just aren't doing what they are expected to do, but at the same time, economics itself predicts every decision these people are making.

In the first years of our existence as a newly formed republic, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton basically formed the monetary establishment of debt. Only a nation that is indebted, as Hamilton roughly puts it, is a nation with the power and might of banks. More commonly known today as the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury. So, with this debt, our country essentially became itself a bank. But there was one more element that was needed to create the system we know of today. That was to liaise with the recently defeated British kingdom a steadfast and stable system of war debt. Now, the bank that was these United States was in debt, but it also had debtors, making it whole. Today, we pride ourselves on being the most stable currency in the world, and if it one day came to it… the Galaxy.

But are you satisfied with it?

Perhaps you are. Perhaps, underneath your adjunct heartless and calloused exterior, you are open to the idea of being anally mind-fucked by the system. Millions of minions milling about on the modern, medieval mall called Facebook. Anticipating, palpating and perspiring the next big idea, which will last a total of 5 seconds. Talk, talk, chat, text, text, sext, IM, email, skype, gmail, you've got mail, call, call, TELEGRAM! But, in the evolutionary scheme, it will stick around for roughly 24 hours. In the back of the mind, snaking its way to and fro like an original idea. Disguising itself to be genuine creativity. In reality, it is the aliens, soviets, communists, hadjis, chinese, and the japs who are responsible. It was never your idea, and it never will be. But you will think that it is.

It is time to break free of your bonds, James Bond. You are a spy, and you have been spying for 15 years. You joined this agency many years ago in the hopes that you would never be tied down to the system like a gasoline attendant or a librarian, dissatisfied with their jobs. You became a spy so that it would never get boring. So that it would be fun the whole time, and in 30 years, you could sit down and tell stories to your grandchildren about how you helped save the world, twice. But as the years go by your leadership changes and you become jaded, cynical, and insomniac. You devise a scheme to sell the knock list and graduate from the spy world with 30 billion dollars in a trust fund in a secret little bank in Zurich, Grand Bahama, Luxembourg. That's how a double agent is made. Everyone has the capability of betraying their nation. And it all has to do with happiness.

Which, unfortunately, is directly correlated with the purchasing power of consumers. Happy campers make for an interesting day at REI or Cabella's. The funny thing is, every decision you make can be considered an economic decision, and therefore is factored into the system as an x/y/z plot value. Your entire day living in this country can be factored into the economy, right down to whether you took a shower or not, or which type of cereal you eat, or how your hair looks.

So, with all of these advertising campaigns around us, who is really independent in this society? Who is truly free enough to quit their own job whenever they want and pick up their roots somewhere else? According to various annual Black Friday polling data, most Americans keep a good paying job even if they don't like working there, because they are too afraid of being unemployed. That, in itself, is an economic decision based on self-interest. True selflessness would dictate a decision that is highly unfathomable by most normal people, so I wouldn't know what it is. Probably forgoing all income from your job and working ten times as hard for the boss you hate. Or something like that.

Well, my solution for all of us selfish bastards in the world - find a new fucking job. Don't live your life on your knees, die standing.