More Bloody Days To Come

Rising from the proverbial ashes of war and conflict a new Phoenix that is Arabia learns how to breathe. So many days of violence. So many bodies litter the streets. So much blood.

Nay, it may never stop. Man is inherently evil. Man might truly be the only creature on Earth that kills for fun.

This is one area of my international relations methodology of where I more closely align myself with liberalism rather than realism. I do not appreciate war, and I do not believe that military power and military might dictate the level of influence global actors do have.

Nelson Mandella, Ghandi, and Tsapatero are great examples to live by in this behavior.

And at the same time, peace is a learned trait. We are all born with both love and hate inside of us, but pure love and pure hate are much harder to come by.

What the Arab world needs now is a beacon of light. A light that can guide them through troubling times. Not one single nation or state, but a person who can spark the minds of many. The place has quite simply seen its share of dictators.

And the forecast for the region? More bloody days to come.

I know this, because I have seen the troubles of my own people, and I have known their peace. I do not think that any sane human being wants war, but war is what there has been in Arabia for many years.

My people are the people of Ireland. My people are the people of the Basque Country. My people are the poor. My people are the hungry. My people are the naked and cold. These have always been my people, but through it all I have held a smile upon my face. Yeah I'm mostly a realist, but not all realists have to be pessimists.

Good Fridays do come to many. The war in Ireland had raged for thousands of years before people like my father and mother and those of their generation got tired of it. The Good Friday agreement was signed in 1995, and though I can not remember it, it was one of the happiest moments in my life. War was over. My people would not have to suffer the grim ties of oppression any longer. My ancestral homeland was free.

Now much of the same pre agreement attitudes toward the world exist in many parts of the Arab world. The citizens of Arabia are in a constant and tumultuous revolt. It's the Arabian Generation X. As my US History teacher likes to call it, Generation "fuck the world." Fuck the Sha. Fuck the Dear Leader. Fuck the Kurds. Fuck the jews. Fuck the Americans. Fuck the Turks. Fuck everything, I just really kind of want to be employed. I want to make some money and just live my life.

My friends, this is never the right way to go about reformation. Life is to short to shut out those who love you. Your actions effect the lives of others.