What Is It Good For?

The way street light plays off shadow in the dark is like any army fighting in a land unknown. Does a street lamp cast a gaze that can see into the soul of an individual? Or does it simply gaze upon its surface, illuminating its physical fallacies?

In the world of war, there is a damned hard line between scanning your sector and turn-and-burn. As if anyone but a true patriot were to know the difference, Washington likes to pretend in all its CSPAN glory that there are no consequences for their actions. These are not the men and women in the shit hole thousands of miles away. They do not understand until they've been to the Sandbox and have seen death up close. But I shall not argue. A wise man once told me that a bystander would not know the difference between the wise and the foolish when they are in the heat of argument. This story, however, is one not uncommon to the way of modern man.


Deal me my cards as they've been dealt and let me go sorting. Sometimes I feel like a smashed bag of rotten carrots - food for the fodder. As if my intangible value flew out the window the second I was stabbed by Satan at birth. My realism gives your liberalism an erection.

War is good for nothing. I say this with all of the fibers of belief in my body. War is a horrible institution. War kills so much. War bleeds dry even the poorest of the pilgrims, and sends forth children to die.

We are facing an enemy today that is widely accepted. They are well equipped, ready to die, and tough as fuck. The thing is though, this is their literal backyard. They will fight to defend themselves and their livelihoods into infinity. Just as we in America have in our history.

In the 1700s we were extremely disenfranchised as a peoples with the system of tyranny that had been served upon us by our English overlords. We fought back - one last final medieval war for honor. America, it might be said among scholars, is the world's democratic experiment. But we are using it incorrectly. The victims have become the victors. The oppressed have become the oppressors.

And yet even through all of that haze I still have to follow my orders to the best of my ability. I shoot when they say shoot. I jump when they say jump. I break shit when they say break shit. I am a bad ass motherfucker. Combat engineers hooah!

Have you ever heard the words "shoot to kill?" Do you know why we have used these words since the dawn of time? It's because an injured person now becomes our patient, our responsibility. It doesn't matter who they were in their life. Our primary duty becomes their safety and security. We leave NO ONE behind, not even the enemy. This is why we shoot to kill.

Treating war in this manner; like it is some kind of gentlemen's sport instead of the shitty fucking thing it truly is - its like paying a whore just to go to the movies with you. War is hell, and the more we realize this, the easier it will be to end war. Because as any good moral person should know - hell on earth is a bad idea. What is war good for? Nothing.