On Referendum 74

"AN ACT Relating to providing equal protection for all families in Washington by creating equality in civil marriage and changing domestic partnership laws, while protecting religious freedom... BE IT ENACTED BY THE STATE OF WASHINGTON..." - Referendum 74

This is a time of new beginnings. Am I, as a Catholic, supposed to go along with my church in its every decision even though all evidence presented points to the best decision being a contradictory action? This is the age-old question of the faith. This is why Martin Luther protested against the church and caused centuries of bloody battles between the Catholic Church and the dozens of breakaway churches now known as "Protestant." This is why Galileo was put under house arrest. This is why Ricardo Fontanna put on the star of David and sacrificed himself in Auswitz.

As we have seen from these numerous examples, however, the only way to go about making positive change within the institution of faith is to act accordingly. To rash of an action could be seen as heresy, not founded in reality. But any action taken that is not bold enough will never change anything, no matter how difficult it was for the individual. Faith is very much a team effort.

And Referendum 74 has been at the forefront of the fight between antiquated institutional religion and the concept of creative license and valid interpretation. Maybe it is high time the church got off its high horse and accepted everyone for who they were as individuals, rather than trying to follow in the metaphorical footsteps of Stalin and rid the world of its enemies. Catholicism has always been considered the leading doctrine on institutionalized religion and how it should be enacted, kind of like Apple is in the mobile phone world, and America is in the military world.