Gasp, Gays Go Gone Golly Again in the BSA

"If Clouds move against the Wind,

Rain will follow." - From the NOVA/BSA weather training certification course.

Eric Jones is an Eagle Scout, and he damned well deserved it. As an Eagle Scout, I firmly believe this. But he was asked to leave his troop the day he admitted he was gay. It's funny in a brutally ironic sort of gut-wrenching way that the Boy Scouts of America is one of the last in a long line of fraternal organizations that does not accept gays among its ranks.

Yeah, I just busted that nut.

The US Armed Forces, the Girl Scouts, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America have ended gender inequality within their organizations. It is now considered against their moral fibers to neglect someone due to their sexual orientation.

EVEN THE WOSM (scouting's version of the UN), EMPHASIZES THE IMPORTANCE OF GENDER EQUALITY IN ALL ITS ASPECTS AND AT ALL ITS LEVELS. The BSA is technically considered, along with the British Scout Movement, to be governed by the rules and regulations of the WOSM. The reason we know this is because of the giant purple patch with the fleur de lis worn by all members of the BSA, Venturing, Cub Scouts, Sea Scouts, and Explorers that is the symbol of the WOSM. Every member of the BSA is also a member of the WOSM, a lot of them just fail to grasp that concept.

The BSA has managed, in its hundred years of existence, to perfect many of its finely tuned practices into working realities. The eight methods of scouting, along with the Boy Scout Handbook, the Scoutmaster's Handbook, and leadership at the youth, troop, district, council, and regional levels have all done their part to create a fantastic organization. If the methods of scouting are adhered to and leadership is properly executed, scouting is a lot of fun. A LOT of fun.

But, just as in other organizations throughout history, one bad apple can ruin it for everyone else.

We must tread. Not softly, treading softly is for those in special forces and ninjitsu; no, we must tread swiftly to change a system that is desperately calling out to be changed. To adhere to the tithings of time itself is to change for the better.

The WOSM says that gender equality is a must. Former Eagle Scouts, myself included, are calling out to change this regulation. Americans want this to be changed. Even members on the board of the national council have called for change.

But we wait. For what? The voice of a nation united for a common goal, a common purpose, and a renewed interest in the values and the principles that the scouting movement has to offer. Maybe one day on the horizon change will come. Of course, maybe pigs eat ham sometimes.