What Happened to the Revolt?

NOTE: It is my first time ever blogging about economics, and I hope I have done well enough of a job here in my calculations to have this post be considered valid by even the most suave and sophisticated of derivative authors and Corporate Law Underwriters. This is a topic that not enough people in this country understand.

Capitalism is a damned thing in the hands of the dangerous. As was communism. As is any form of economic system created by man. Jesus himself threw over a few merchant tables when he found out that vendors had overtaken a certain table.

In the United States of America, the wealthy have become the vendors in the marketplace that used to be the temple. I'm not talking about the people who have a couple of million dollars, I could probably manage to use that all up in a few months if I was stupid enough:

Ten good suits would cost ten thousand dollars. A great car would cost a million dollars. And then there's the remodel of my home, you know, to stop the roof from caving in and make the crawlspace actually crawlable - that's another 500,000. Why not build a garage for my new car? 400,000. Wait, have to pay off my student debt. Now, I'm broke again, and it only took a few months.

When I say the word rich, I think of the top 1% of this country. That's what they think of as rich, so that's what i'm going to call rich. And I find that when you're that rich, it's hard to just let go. When you're that rich, you get used to buying things that are much more expensive. Things that perform the exact same duty as things that are nearly ten times cheaper than them. "Things" shouldn't occupy a person's most highest love - that's left for your God and your family. Humans shouldn't be concerned with "things." That's ridiculous.

For a good portion of the recent decade, I have been coming to terms with the fact that I exist as a part of a system that is no longer a living idea, but a machine. The author of the Matrix had it spot on when he said that human beings are Duracell batteries.