From time to time, I write about shit.

Pathetic, inane, utterly and brilliantly luminescent shit. The kind of shit that shines so bright, it almost seems unreal. As if it is the excrement of the gods. Or the gifts bestowed upon mankind by our interstellar neighbors nearly a millennia ago.

The Great Pyramids of Giza are absolutely marvelous inventions when you think about the time it took to construct them, the amount of people involved in their construction, and the perhaps coincidental machinations of the number 10. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, go ask a structural engineer. Just go ahead and ask them about the power of ten. Not just the power of ten, but the power of ten as well. And the power of the power of ten.

No, I don’t think I am going to apologize for being didactic. Perhaps the world needs a good healthy dose of that once in a while.

Most people, especially structural engineers, and especially masonic structural engineers - the little backstabbing demons that they are - would decry anyone for confessing the obvious fact that they are all bleeding fucking morons.

Who, in their right minds, would admit that the Great Pyramids are anything less than shit. Giant piles of shit left in the desert thousands of years ago. While at the same time we know they’re shit, we are seemingly locked into this never-ending feedback loop where the entire populous of people who give a shit about things like this are silent in the face of ridicule. Somebody famous once said that it is the silent people who are going to ruin the fucking world. At least I think that’s how the quote goes.

Look, I know the pyramids are shit. Perhaps you know they’re shit. And no amount of gold-plated phalic dome cap is going to sway us from our opinion. But we can’t say what we want to say, can we? No, because that would lead to ridicule. That would lead to a room full of a hundred masonic structural engineers all gathered in congress in their little demonic masonic structural engineering hall, or temple, or tomb - or whatever the fuck they’re calling it these days - audibly gasping for breath, and consequently laughing us out of life itself. We’d be publicly shamed on twitter. We’d get death threats in the mail. We’d get bricks thrown in our windows. Our front yards would be littered with burning triangles and pyramids, and our cars would be tagged with little eyeball stickers. These masonic structural engineers are evil, you never know what lengths they will go to, do you? You never know!

All to purport the Great Pyramid as a symbol of perfection and beauty.
Secretly, those masonic structural engineers are also thinking the same damn thing: the Great Pyramids are shit. But for the fear of ostracisation, they will never admit it. For the fear of being publicly shamed, they will never admit it.
Anyone who admits to themself that the Great Pyramids are shit are intelligent. On the other hand, anyone who hides their belief is a lier. But anyone who shouts out to the world is insane. While those who truly believe in the facade of the Great Pyramids at Giza… they are just fucking morons.

The world is FULL of shit just like this. And I will never tire myself in writing about the nuance of this shit.

Until next time, fuck that shit.