I should think that it's quite abundantly clear that this blog isn't my primary function these days. It used to be, back when it was on Wordpress... but that was a few years ago.

My primary function, what I live and breathe to pursue, is my novel - THE SOUTH END. I have been telling everyone that it will be ready this summer, and I am not going to let myself down on that.

For the past few weeks, I have been without a typewriter ribbon. Which meant that I didn't get any writing done. Ultimately, I tried writing on my laptop - but the internet is SO FUCKING DISTRACTING. I wound up doing everything except for writing my novel - and the page count has just sat there, awkwardly unfinished so close to my self-imposed deadline.

But NOW I HAVE RIBBON. It took me a long while to come up with the appropriate funds for this ribbon - all of my money disapearing down the Verizon/Wifi hole that is America today. And then I was given the opportunity for some extra special hooah army training earlier this month - which gave me an extra $300 in the bank. I quickly spent this, but I had enough left over to buy some ribbon on Amazon. Now that I have enough ribbon to last till Summer, you can expect a great fucking novel to come out this summer.

I have given myself three more months to finish the thing. I should be able to accomplish my mission by then.

After which, and universe willing, I'll get an agent.