I'm enrolled for classes at Everett Community College for Fall. I'm hoping for the best. Ilyana Dayan said something to David Axlerod the other day that surprised me. She said that it is time for Jews - and Bibi's foreign policy arm in particular - to stop expecting the worst in people and in life. That Bibi was a stereotypical Jew. I'm not Jewish, but I can deffinetly incorporate that advice into my own life. Be more optimistic about the future. To not expect the worst.

This isn't something that you really needed to know but, seeing as this blog is a record of all things me, I thought I'd share at least that bit of information with you without telling a joke about it. Some things deserve their due.

I only have 40 credits left to go to finish out my Associate's Degree, so that's cool. The timeliness aspect of this doesn't really matter to me. Most of my classmates from high school have already graduated their four-year universities and have been in their field for at least a year. I'm behind by many years.

But what they have gained in employment experience, I have traded in for time. In that time, I have nearly finished my first novel. In that time, I have set up this domain and blog and website and have been tweaking it to my own desires. In that time, I have failed more often than I care to admit at even the most basic of tasks. I have failed quite a bit.

But every time I have bounced back.

I am starting over. Fresh. With the time of a thousand lifeages under my belt, or at least what I might hope will aid my focus and concentration in the trials ahead.

I spoke with quite a few representatives of different academic institutions today, about that uncertain future of mine. And I still don't know.

Only one thing is certain: I need to finish this fucking novel.