Where did THAT come from?

Donald Trump is now the president of the United States of America. As much as I'd like to believe my favorite people - that this country will be fine - I'm not so sure of that. I'm terrified not just because of Trump's move into the White House - but because I'VE MADE FUN OF HIM.

Last year, I made a five minute song about Donald Trump for my satirical comedy band, DPRK. If you haven't been to dprk.bandcamp.com, please go. Laugh a little. I need to laugh. You should laugh too.

Laugh. Haha.

Oh my God, I still can't shit right.

When I made that song, I was so fucking afraid of Donald Trump, and the very fact that America had been hiding all of these gullible idiots and racist xenaphobes in the broom closet this whole time. I had no idea that the problem was this bad.

But it's gotten worse. Donald Trump is the president. And with that will come his crackdown.

First will be the crackdown on foreign nationals. That's already happening. He's going to give legitimacy to "Patriot" groups that have been patrolling the Southern border for the past decade, giving the Border Patrol all hell. He's going to ignite even more of a fire of support for Neo-Nazi groups like the National Socialists.

Second will come the crackdown on journalists, entertainers, and comedians.

You might not believe it, but if we're to take ANYTHING from history - Donald Trump is the fascist orange-haired Hitler 2.0, funded by the Soviets and the Nazis - like, ACTUAL old Soviets and Nazis. Especially the HUGE brand of Neo-Nazi groups prancing around the abandoned Soviet facilities in places like Eastern Ukraine and the Caucuses.

The crackdown is McCarthy in reverse. Last time we were hunting for communists and dissenters. This time we're hunting for Muslims and dissenters.

Dissenters like Colbert. Conan. Trevor. Maher.

ME. It will take the authorities a few years to realize what I did, but once they catch-on, I'll be taken to the Slaughterhouse.