A Note From My Past

I received a letter from one of my buddies who's in Basic Combat Training right now.
It was a slightly interesting, perhaps joyous thing to discover that he's in the same fucking platoon that I was in during my stay at Fort Leonard Wood those years back.

It got me nostalgic, and I went digging through some of my old things from back then. I did come across this note that I wrote to myself during one of my CLS classes. CLS stands for "Combat Lifesaver," it's an annual requirement for every soldier. It's kind of like CPR, but instead of that, it deals with the injuries that are most-likely to occur on the battlefield.

It's also slightly boring sometimes. And when it comes to BCT, all that you do is think. That's all you have time to do, really. That's the most precious tool that any soldier has.

This class has a lot to do with mortality. To fully grasp the concepts in this lifesaving course, you have to understand what happens when you fuck it up. That's the spirit of this note.