My top 100 reasons for not liking Donald Trump.

Only 100? I know. It's not that many. He's done so much more than just these 100 bad things. But these are the ones on the top of my list.

For most people - I would imagine everyone, but we live in a fucked up simulation, so I'll revise my understanding of the universe we live in to say "Most People" - for most people, Donald Trump is a fucktard.

Most people don't need me to give them evidence, because all they have to do is watch the fucker talk.

However, some people voted for him.


It does not compute in my brain. AT ALL.

But I had this conversation on Facebook today with someone who asked me why I hated him so much. So, here are my top 100 reasons for not following Trump, for believing he's the enemy, for hating him. He's the first person on the planet that I've ever hated. He's probably the last. I don't hate easy.

1) He broke the law. Many times. Before, during, and after his tenure.

2) He's a narcissist. Self-evident.

3) He's a bully. Self-evident.

4) He's an asshole. Self-evident.

5) He does not understand climate change. He thinks it's made up.

6) He does not understand windmills. He has repeatedly said that they "cause cancer." They fucking don't.

7) He does not know how umbrellas work. He once just left an umbrella at the top of the rolling staircase as he was entering Air Force One.

8) He surrounds himself in gold trim, but there's an air of fake to all of it

9) He's a liar. He has lied more times in his tenure than any other President - ever.

10) He will not admit to being a drug addict. He displays all the symptoms of being a coke addict.

11) He will not accept help from therapists. He needs help.

12) He does not understand how hurricanes work. He tried to cover that up by drawing on a map with a sharpie, and the fucking NOAA said "that's wrong."

13) He thinks he runs the country, he thinks he is OUR boss - but in reality, we are HIS boss.

14) He does not understand that he has been fired.

15) He will not admit that he uses spray tan. A sign of his narcissism and vanity.

16) He will not admit that he has fake hair. See above.

17) He claims to be Christian, but when he "quotes" the bible, he doesn't even know the name of the dude who wrote the fucking gospel.

18) He hired Jarred Kushner.

19) He hired Ivanka.

20) He hired Betsy DeVos.


22) He will not condemn Russia.

23) He will not condemn Nazis.

24) He will not condemn Joe Arpiao. He pardoned the motherfucker.

25) He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords.

26) He tried to end the Clean Air Act.

27) He tried to end the Clean Water Act.

28) He does not understand what Puerto Rico actually is.

29) He mocks veterans. He mocks veterans who were captured by the enemy, veterans who died for their county, and more.

30) He dodged the draft, but he's too much of a coward to admit it. I know plenty of draft dodgers from the Vietnam era - but they are entirely open about the fact. They are proud of it. Trump is simply a coward.

31) He mocks the disabled.


33) He is still waving his dick at Iran, even though he is out of office in two weeks. I think he's trying to leave another war in Biden's lap.

34) He's xenophobic - or at least the dude on the stage at rallies is xenophobic.

35) No, Mexicans are not all rapists. No, Mexicans are not all criminals.

36) Wheels were not invented before walls. We lived in fucking caves before we invented wheels.

37) He's one of these Manhattan Elitists who makes life shit for New Yorkers.

38) He doesn't give a shit about anyone other than himself. Maybe his daughter. Possibly his wife.

39) He stopped getting the PDB. That's not a good thing. The PDB is very important. At first, the Intelligence Community had to write his name on every page just to make sure the man was reading the thing, but they realized he wasn't. Then they tried telling him the content, but he stopped showing up altogether. Mike Pence has received most of the PDBs instead. Glad someone was there, but it should have been the President.

40) He will not condemn Morsi.


42) He does not understand how fires work.

43) He gets into stupid bullshit twitter wars. The President is not supposed to do that.

44) He will not just shut the fuck up sometimes.

45) He lists on his public schedule "executive time," which means he's upstairs in the Residence watching Television. The President should not have enough time in the day to watch more than an hour of television at the end of the night once all of the business is done. He does this during the middle of the day.

46) He openly discussed launching missiles at the middle east during a dinner with the Chinese President - IN PUBLIC, at his restaurant at Mara Lago. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF OPSEC AND INFOSEC.

47) He started the Birther movement. Before him, nobody really believed that Obama was born in Kenya.

48) He will not condemn Erdogan.

49) He will not condemn Duterte.

50) He will not condemn Vladimir Putin.

51) He will not condemn Saudi Arabia.

52) His administration created the Muslim Ban.

53) Most of the people who got him elected are in prison for something. Unless he has already pardoned them.

54) The only reason he is not in Prison is because he was the President at the time of the investigation.

55) STEVE BANNON was his fucking Campaign Advisor.

56) He hired Sean Vanilla Spicer.

57) He hired the mootch.

58) He pardoned Flynn.

56) He watches Fox News.

57) He does not know how to shake hands. This might not seem like anything, but world leaders hate that about him.

58) Everyone at the G20 was laughing at him behind his back. There are even recorded conversations where world leaders were talking shit about him, while he was in the room.

59) He does not understand how an eclipse works. He had a pair of sunglasses in his hand, but he was just staring at the sun. He was staring straight at the sun.

60) He has called the Press the "Enemy of the People." As it has been said "Anyone who calls the press the enemy of the people, has something to hide."

61) Anything that is true he calls fake news.

62) He hired Kellyanne Conway.

63) Kellyanne Conway coined the term Alternative Facts.

64) He hired Kayleigh McEnany

65) The Wall.

66) He does this thing where if there is something wrong with him, he claims that other people have that problem - he doesn't have that problem, but they do. This is gaslighting.

67) He is a hypocrite.

68) You can never tell what he actually thinks about something when he opens his mouth. He says so much contradictory bullshit.

69) He never said the words "Black Lives Matter" without talking shit about them.

70) He tried to get Antifa to get labeled as a Terrorist group. (I am Antifa.)

71) He stopped the Migrant Caravan at the border.

72) He lies about his health. I don't care that he eats what he wants - but he LIES about it. He's a fat fucking sob, but he says "I'm the healthiest guy."

73) He thought the My Pillow guy would have any value at all during a fucking pandemic?

74) He talks about making deals like a used car salesman, on a lot where all of the cars are pieces of shit.

75) He signed off on Project Airbridge - one of the worst fucking disasters in Presidential history.

76) He made Kushner the director of "Middle East peace."

77) He hired Rudolf Giuliani.

78) He falsely claims the election was "rigged" by Democrats.

79) He creates conspiracy theories all the time, and then he starts saying "people are saying," and then people start saying, because he said it.

80) Before he was President, he literally called into places pretending to be someone else, telling those people how great Donald Trump was.

81) He claims to be the "least racist person."

82) He will not condemn the practice of Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank.

83) He pronounces China like he's trying to fuck it. It's not a Gina. It doesn't get wet when it's aroused. It's a fucking country.

84) He literally does not know where countries are. His staff have literally had to show him on a map where countries are.

85) His staff have also had to explain that some countries are "real countries," and that the names weren't made up.

86) He hired the C+ Santa Monica Fascist, Steven Miller

87) He thought Steven Mnuchin would be good at anything other than having enough money to make movies. Good movies, bad human being.

88) He banned trans people from serving in the military. Or, he tried to.

89) He consistently signs off on homophobic and anti-lgbtq measures.

90) He did not enforce covid protection measures at his rallies.

91) He went back to the White House while he was still contagious.

92) He seriously thought you could inject bleach - either that or he just SOUNDS like a moron. So much so that poison control centers all over the country had to inform callers that it is not safe to drink bleach.

93) He seriously entertained the possibility of handing the Afghanistan War off to Eric Prince and the organization formerly known as Blackwater. Someone had to explain to him why this would be a bad idea, even though a toddler could probably figure out that war isn't SUPPOSED to be a business.

94) He will not condemn the practice of putting Ughers in Death Camps, even though he's in a trade war with China. That subject rarely comes up. In fact, he has praised China for it in the past.

95) His administration allowed mothers to be separated from their children at the US Border. Those kids were then put into re-education camps.

96) He deports immigrants. I do not believe in deportation. However, this is not a Trump-specific thing.

97) He keeps calling it the "China Virus." That doesn't make any fucking sense. We're the country with the highest death rate. We're the country with the highest transmission rate. This is our fucking virus. China has had 365,356 less deaths than us.

98) In the 1980's he was VERY friendly with the Italian and Russian Mafias of New York City. He kept those friendships.

99) Show me the pee-pee tape.

100) Covfefe


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