Staying Fresh, just like me., a Seattle-based company, has just come out with a new service: grocery delivery. They are calling their service Amazon Fresh. The Slogan for this new online department? "Buy your groceries here and save,"

You can find products like Dairy, vegetables, meat and poultry, and many others too numerous to mention. Some of the products are the giant Cost-Co size and others are the regular community grocer size. For example, you can't find anything for less than $10.00 in the candy aisle, because everything is in the giant boxes that gas stations sell out of. I'm not really sure if I want to have that much candy bars floating around my house at one time, because I'm sure that they'll sprout legs and start a revolution against me.

I never did buy candy at Cost-Co.

Some of the other deals are great, though. Like the breast milk feeder for under $7.00. Oh, maybe that isn't what I needed after all, damn.

The city of Seattle has been a great testing ground for this new service, and it is getting raves from a lot of people. The Twitter page, @amazonfresh, tells you all about how Amazon is now the new grocery delivery service for Seattle.

I can immagine that living in the city (fearing the downtown traffic, the city gangs prowling the streets, and many other dangerous city elements), a service like Amazon Fresh is like a dream-come-true for a lot of people.

Where I live, however, Amazon Fresh would be just as devastating to the local grocery business as NetFlix was to the movie rental businesses. At this moment, the only established movie rental business on Whidbey Island is in Oak Harbor, and that is about fifty miles away from my house on the South End.

What is my suggestion for Amazon Fresh for the next century? Serve customers in different cities - but only in the big cities, where having a service like home delivery of groceries won't effect the local grocery business markets. I like my community grocer just the way it is, and by the way, Payless Foods is not that bad.