The Intelligent Mr. Assange

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange turned himself in yesterday morning in Okay Britain. He is to be extradited to the country of Sweden due to charges of sexual abuse. The charges are minute - the longest amount of time that he can spend in prison is up to four years.

If the U.S. Government has anything to do with this case, which we do, Julian Assange will probably find himself slain upon entering the jailhouse doors in a riot. Anyone who thinks that Julian didn't know that he was going to Sweden, or into the hands of British custody, is irrefutably disregarding one important fact; any organization like Wikileaks can only survive with someone like Julian Assange to take the heat.

If Julian Assange is not as smart as we may all think, then he is not an idol, that's for sure. On the flip side of the coin, he is only a dude - and dudes get laid.

In response to his arrest, there has been a citizen uprising. A worldwide hacker revolution. They claimed that if Julian Assange was not released, that they would attack major online companies that had denied Wikileaks its functionality. They said they were going to go after these companies, and at four oclock, the first company was hit. Right on time, by the way.

The country of Australia is still indecisive as to weather they really want to claim Mr. Assange as Australian born at all. If it weren't for him, directly or indirectly, Mr. Rudd wouldn't know that Mr. Bleich didn't think highly of him. Mr. Bleich now thinks that nobody can trust him anymore, either.

The United States government is considering weather or not to accuse Wikileaks of being a terrorist organization, which would start the first and deadliest cyber war in the history of the human race. Will this be the downfall that is referred to when the Aztec calendar runs out in the year 2012?

What we can't fail to mention is this: yesterday, it was Usama. Today, it is Mr. Assange. While we are paying so much attention to false enemies, Usama Bin Laden might be using all this infighting to launch a major attack on the sometimes united States of America.

Muhammad Ali is probably the only happy guy in the whole thing.