Got WikiLeaks?

I was on Wikileaks the other day. Have you ever tried to look around on the War logs? Those files are so bland and filled with acronyms and abbreviations that it makes me go berserk every time I get on.

Most of the files aren't even that interesting, either. Seriously, I was reading this one that said "Team... diffuses the IED. Called back to base without incident,". What kind of classified document is that? Why the heck do I care?

On the whole, the Wikileaks releases have been very insightful about the way that the United States government is being run, and I'd love to see this organization stay around for a long time, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Julian Assange is probably one of the more smarter celebrities in the world at the moment. He realized something very crucial - that any organization like Wikileaks needs a Scapegoat. Someone that will take the heat, in the place of the idea that he represents. Now that every security organization in the world is looking to extradite him to Sweden, however, the whole system might collapse. But I don't think he cares. I think he knows something that we don't.

If we are to use Wikileaks as any good example of how little we know, then Julian Assange probably knows a lot more than he's telling us. I wonder if Wikileaks has gotten any documents that they have chosen not to publish? Probably, because some documents just shouldn't be published for safety reasons.

I wonder what their real goal is. I wonder if they intend to release all of the Roswell files and the Kennedy files, because those are the only ones that I really want to see.