What if my God is your Allah?

Let's get this straight right now. I'm a straight up Catholic. I am going through Confirmation, and I am getting inducted into the Knights Of Columbus.

I don't pretend that I know all the answers, or that I know anything about God at all. That's what I believe makes me a "good" Christian. The fact that I can have faith in something that can not be proven or disproven. I have chosen this path of life not because I am forced to, but because I was given a choice: choose to follow the Church, or don't.

Why there is this whole atmosphere of negativity around religion is appalling to me. What I mean by this is that there are a lot of people in the world carrying guns and calling themselves messengers of God. Not my God, because the only people that my god has granted the authority to fight and kill are the IRA.

Seriously, the quaran never refers to starting anything. It says to perform Jihad only if your brothers are in trouble. Jihad can also mean helping someone off of drugs, because Iblis influences us through drugs. I actually like the original definition of Jihad. That's the definition that says we are all brothers of God. We need to band together, as Brothers of a certain faith, to stop the violence.

To understand the real meaning of why there is conflict in the name of religion is to understand that no conflict in the name of religion is a conflict funded by God. Now, if you want to say that there is conflict in the name of God's messenger, that's just fine and dandy. Then I'll kill you.

The Jews have it all sorted out: make sure they get famous for being the one religion that was subject to brutal judgement by other human beings (besides the Catholics, the Quakers, the Paegans, the Chinese, the Egyptians, the Algerians, the Native Americans, the Zulu Nation, and everybody else). To deny the holocost is wrong to do for anybody, no matter what the circumstances, but (no bullshit) it is a little old. Why do I say this?

Darfur. North Korea. Eritrea. Colombia. That's why. Read a book if you don't believe me.

We are really all the same - the Jews, the Arabs, the Africans, the Asians, and the White guys.

Some Buddhists believe that Jesus was taught everything he knew by a monk in the thirty years that aren't mentioned in the bible. Evidence has been found to suggest that Jesus had visited Asia long before Marco Polo. Gabriel was the same angel when he visited Muhammad as when he called upon the Virgin Marry. Jesus was a Jew. The Jews were the offspring of Israel, and the Arabs the offspring of Ishmael.

So, let's take a hint from the only gangster in the Universe - God, and stop this nonsense.