Leaving The Nest

I graduated from High School on Saturday.
It's been a long and perilous journey. I have fought the Cyclops, been manipulated by sirens and Circe, and I lay upon the sandy beaches of my future. Where do I go from here? The suitors of my country are vying for my former titles. It's funny how these kids coming up through middle school think that they are discerning shoppers. If only Al Gore had been the guy in the White House... oh, well - he actually did win the election - but what the fuck, who cares anymore?

I am listening/watching/reading news reports right now about the world I'm growing up in right now. Seems tragic. The DOW is down. NAS is down. It's cold out anyways, looks like it's going to rain here in Seattle - big deal. Who cares about rain in Seattle?

What was I thinking when I joined the Army National Guard? Was it really my whole ball of wax and a bag of potato chips? Am I going to owe my government for the rest of my life for keeping me out of student debt?

Life is full of questions for me right now. Maybe some of those questions are meant for asking, not for answering.