Where my O2 at?

It's called low dissolved oxygen levels. That's what's happening in a few bodies of water around here in Puget Sound (that's south of the Straits of Georgia for you Canadian people).

So, what is dissolved oxygen? It is the oxygen levels that are naturally occurring in water; both fresh and salt water. These oxygen levels are inversely related to temperature. When it gets hot out, bacteria and algae are better able to spread and multiply. This means that when the organisms die, the oxygen gets thrown to the surface of the water.

When this happens, the dissolved oxygen levels go down. Aquatic life need large levels of dissolved oxygen to live.

There is a large problem in Holmes Harbour, north of Freeland, Washington, and Hood Canal.

What I propose is a large pipe, going from the floor all the way up to above the surface of the water. Put a pump in it, and send air down to the bottom of the Sound. Just like a fish tank. Why don't we do something like this?