Lend Some Perspective

President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama, spoke yesterday at 4pm PST.

This speech was nothing more than a simple declaration of intent, but a few lines may go down in history to solidify this speech s one of Barrack Obama's most defining moments.

Muamar Gadaffi. Tyrant, dictator, and totalitarian ruler of Libya. The brutal savage needs to leave, no doubt about that. The question though, is how?

What I noticed as a common theme throughout Obama's speech to the American people was how his mission was a mission of simple humanitarian aspirations. Not warmongering or revolution.

How then, is he planning on removing Gadaffi? What was the thing that Marcello said to Horatio in the first scene of Hamlet? Shall I hit it with my sword? Hmmmm... maybe Shakespeare could teach Barrack Obama a lesson or two about insanity amongst the aristocracy. Would my dear leader really listen that much? Who knows?

The thing that needs to happen now: I propose sending in a combined nations task force: SAS, Navy Seals, maybe even some Al-Mukhabarat al-'Ammah agents in there. This task force should comprise of ten men. Get them on a truck and make like ninjas into Gadaffi's inner layer. Then they should take the guy out.

If we are stupid enough to let the idiot roam around Libya without fear, then this may very well turn out to be the next Iraq.

Come on now, let us be done on the shores of Tripoli.