I can see the Light, because the guy is on fire

An unsettling trend in public discourses has arisen along the Northern shores of the African continent. People are upset with the current establishment, so they are lighting themselves on fire.
It's sad, but its much more provocative than AL Quaeda's approach, in the fact that they are the only death. I think more people are taking notice of this meathod than of suicide bombers in Iraq.

It's not that surprising, either. There is a reason that Ramel called the nations west of Egypt as "Tribal", and doomed for salvation. After the second World War, all that we could do was to draw lines on a map and call that a country? Truly, many of the nations in Africa should not have been created in this way.

This reminds me a lot of the World Trade Organization and the farmers in Europe and Korea that committed suicide to protest the WTO's authoritarian rule. After all, the guy in Tunisia was a farmer.

Whatever the reason for any death, what we must do is to find out what the subject's purpose in suicide was. Why did they take their own life? It is only after we answer this, that we may finally discover how to prevent it in the future.