Can you spell Zine El Abidine Ben Ali?

The president of Tunisia was recently ousted from the government after 23 years of rule and law. The question is; who comes next?

It all sounds fine and dandy right now, but if McDonald's has its way, the entire country will become a parking lot overnight. Haven't you heard of the McArabia? It's the specialty dish over there...

Truth be told - I think Ben Ali needs the time off. I mean, if the office of the U.S. president gives you gray hair and thirty extra pounds, what did the office of the Tunisian president give Ben Ali? I wouldn't want to run a country for over two decades - that would suck.

Will the next president of Tunisia be a true democrat, or an authoritarian figure just like Ben Ali?

Here's my answer; if you can't spell the guy's name, he's probably going to be corruptible. Just think about all of the dictators that you know about: Blagojevich, Gbagbo, etc.  "I hate that guy, I mean, how in the world are you supposed to spell his name?" The guys with easy names are usually the cool guys: Kennedy, Mandela, etc.