Reflections of the past few weeks

I shot a raccoon the other day. It was a big motherfucker.
My sights were kind of off but I used my lucky single bolt-action 22 rifle anyways. I saw it popping its head just out of the whole where the branches were separating. A big-leaf maple tree. I took my rifle and I aimed it at the fucker dead on. I missed by two centimeters. It ran up the tree. I ran after it along the road beneath it, shooting and reloading the whole time. I must have unloaded 10 rounds by the time it got to the edge of the branch and I had a clear shot. I steadied myself and I aimed right at its head. Just then it looked at me.
Raccoons will do that. Pretty much any dying animal will do that when you give it the chance, no matter how treacherous or thieving they were in their life. I gave the poor bastard the chance to stare into my soul. Fucking coons.
I shot it in the face. I hit it dead on. It feel the roughly 20 feet and hit the ground with its feet in the air. Its feet were still in the air when I walked up to it. It seemed almost like he was still trying to run, because the feet were still twitching major. I caped the kid in the head and bagged him. Now another poor soul taken from his folks. Watching anything die takes a lot of toll on someone.
The feeling of purposelessness is one wrought with human emotion. I feel like I have purpose on this planet, but it is not currently being fulfilled. I feel like I am on a big long vacation from my true purpose. What is my true purpose? To succeed, of course. lffgdsldlbb;deb fgdlkdsfnghdgsh. Yeah, fuck that! Give me money. Give me a bad guy that I can go all ape shit on. My uppercut connects with his face and I break a bottle on his glass jaw. Give me a rifle and a bottle of Red Bull and I'll fuck this bitch like the lie it is. Yeah, that'd be very nice but I don't get none of it.
I get to sit here and wait a few weeks for something to happen. In case you haven't noticed, I hate waiting.
How many people in the world are just like me? How many people are waiting for fight club? How many people in the whole damn world have BLOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON THEIR FUCKING QWERTY KEYBOARDS!!!!!!!!! How many people are fighting a war for the mind without fucking a dolphin while getting high on shrooms and shitalke muchroos like that bro? It ain't right.
That's why I'm voting to re-elect Barrack Obama in the next presidential election. Thank you for understanding I greatly appreciate it.