The Horse's Ass

It has been observed by the writers of the popular HBO news drama, THE NEWSROOM, that the common political movement known as the Republican "Tea Party" is closely aligned with the ideas and concepts of an "American Taliban." I believe, as well as many of my fellow journalists, that the show greatly misappropriated the Taliban.

As an American warfighter, I can honestly say with somewhat of an authority on the subject (and the object), that until the American tea party begins firebombing the offices of its political opposition, the political movement is still a political movement, albeit an extremely scary one and rife with idiots. Idiots, however, do not put IEDs underneath my Subaru. Idiots aren't given enough confidence by the Sheikh, or the Emir. The Taliban is not a wholly idiotic movement. The Taliban, when you get down to the nitty gritty, has a lot of good ideas for the advancement of humankind. Perhaps not technologically, but morally and holistically they seem to live a much more beautiful life than your average run-of-the-mill TEA Partier. Each and every member of the Taliban believes in his ideals so much that they would be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of all mankind. That is a very beautiful thing. The TEA Party just doesn't even come close on an intellectual or ethical scale to the power and might of the Taliban.

No, instead, I offer a new analogy. The TALIBAN has much more in common and direct association to the COWBOYS of an era long since past. Both of these gangs thrived in desert climates, where the damn Yanks just didn't understand what it meant to "put up ur guns" or how to find a good watering hole. SHARIA LAW has a lot of commonalities with the concept of WESTERN JUSTICE. So, if you're going to call anything an "American Taliban," don't be stupid enough to heighten the IQ level of the TEA party any more than it already is by American media.

If you want to relate the TEA PARTY to something vicious and vulgar enough to make your point, try something more along the lines of JERSEY SHORE. Then again, maybe  they wouldn't even realize it was an insult...