The Wise and The Mature

Beyond the subjective or objective points of view, there is something called the "third-party" perspective. As goes Rome, so they say, so goes the rest of the world.

Tuesday was my first time attending the local Boy Scout Troop meeting in quite some time. I have been off-island and across the country for some time, and I thought I'd take some time to visit my old troop. The short and sweet of it is; Troop 57 has seen better days. The leadership of the troop is in chaos. The older boys thought it to be okay that they wander off and do their own thing. The only thing that got accomplished at the meeting was rank advancement for the younger boys. The younger boys followed the example of the older boys and became extremely uncaring to any sense of order or uniformity. And all of the parents were in the back room, planning the way things should be done. The meeting itself reminded me more of a petting-zoo than anything else. I am trying to convey that in the most obdurate way possible.

But being there made me consider the fact that maybe not all young boys can automatically switch between the extremely professional and self-reliant attitude of a Senior Patrol Leader and the greatly playful recklessness of a fifteen year old kid. Maybe that skill has to be taught by someone who has had experience with the way a Boy Scout Troop is supposed to be run. So, being in the fact that I will only be on island for another week, I made my observations perfectly clear. I called the older scouts out on their mistakes, and told the younger scouts that a Boy Scout meeting should be planned well in advance. I will not let my troop suffer the same fate as many other troops around the country. We were the first troop on South Whidbey, and I'll be damned if all of my work as the Senior Patrol Leader years ago goes to waste.

This meeting got me thinking about something of a much larger, more global consequence than a simple rural Boy Scout meeting. That is the role that maturity and wisdom play in every aspect of life on the world geoeconomical stage. My troop is now become a statistical representation of the whole. I should only be led to believe, based on this elementary idea of fractal telemetry, that there are failing scout troops all around the world, and that my troop is not the only Scout Troop on the face of this earth suffering from the same fate. In fact, if it is true that my troop dimensionally represents every other collaborative delegation on this earth - then does it also represent the failures of our current US Congress? What about the incompetence of leadership in other countries like Pakistan, China, and Russia? Is someone like me perceived to be the beacon of light that is Manny Pacquiao in the Philippines, or am I more like Chair Obama of the RNC, not doing a damn thing to make the slightest difference in the world?

Which takes us to the Middle East. Yes, I totally just went there. I am not going to try to summarize the middle east in any sort of condescending fowl wordplay. Wordplay, as you may have noticed, is what I deem my playground. Worldplay is allegory. But, in short of astounding you, I inform you of the state of the nation of Islam today: IN TURMOIL. One could readily say that politically, the events unfolding across the whole of CENTCOM, AFRICOM, and PACOM, represent something of a great difference of opinion. Something of a petting zoo, much like my troop.

In summary, the world is rank with immaturity. People jumping to conclusions whilst failing to recognize the problem from someone else's point of view. Sometimes, I wish POV wasn't just a term coined by the porn industry. I want the idiotic classes of the world to step out of their boxes for just one fucking minute and see the world from someone else's eyes. It's like the whole world is playing a game of one-sided chess. That's how you loose.