Because Puddles

What do you like to do in puddles?

Do you like to jump in them?

Watching the way the waves splash out and break apart upon impact with the leafiness of a giant canister of CS gas on a riot usually makes my day, especially when I'm wearing purple polka-dotted rain boots.

Sometimes, though, I just feel like slowly dragging my feet through the waves, pretending to be a character in a disney on ice show.

In the Pacific Northwest, we have a culture of rain. It is a certain type of rain that comes very slowly and stays for a very long time - almost the opposite of rain in Missouri, where the rain comes unannounced and floods everything in five minutes. The rain here is kind of like a part of everyone who lives here, and we are always doing the rain dance.

It is when a Pacific Northwesterner loses touch with the spirit of the rain, that is when I have to ask them where they are in their spiritual lives. Why have they opted to neglect the rain in the way that they have done? Are they suicidal, that they would choose to throw off the happiest part of any Northwesterner's lifestyle? Not usually.

For the most part they have become vain, and are close on endangering themselves into the deadly sin known as pride. When they neglect the rain, sometimes it is indicative of their pursuit to make themselves better off whilst not acknowledging God or the poor.

Only are they made pure if they have had a valid and legitimate reason for not loving in the way that God works through rain, snow, sleet, and shine.

That could be it.

Maybe we all just need to stop and think about why we don't like something in our nature. The reason for why you do something is almost as important as the fact that you are doing it.