When Theory Becomes Approach

We all remember the time when we were in primary education, and the teacher told us about the "scientific method." Most Americans have become automatically predisposed to approaching the world in this way. In this method, we are taught to differentiate between fact, theory, and observation. These are strikingly different concepts and we are all aware of the dissimilarities existent. There is something that many people forgo, however, over time and through complacency. That is the difference between using a theory as simply a theory, and using it as an approach to all else. Therin lies our ever-most complexity.

I feel kind of like an imp when I revert to mainstream concepts and ideas to fall back upon in instruction, but my own are immeasurably worse in concept, so I am not going to mention them.

Gravity. It exists, and there is no question in it except for the theoretical. And yet we all admit that planes fly, and birds glide, and bats do whatever they do to keep afloat on the currents of air in the ocean of sky. Is this ultimately evident to the contrary of popular belief? Well, that's where physics comes in. The laws of gravity and motion and blah, blah, blah.

Where the hell is the fun in that? An extremely wise man once told me that good people never grow up, that they only learn how to act in public. In this I firmly believe. Very much so.

With gravity we are limited to our fundamental notion that everything falls back down to the earth at some point. Why does it have to? Who says so? At some point in time I should believe that my friend Timmothy Crossan is still out there, somewhere, flying among the stars and leaping with ninjas. That the lifeless mortal body they picked up off of the tennis court here last year is simply the physical manifestation of someone who is truly free, not the body of someone who gave up. If I ever knew him, I would tell you that he was not the type of person to give up so easily.

Gravity, you say? I say go prove it, and I will tell you about the flight of the condors. Prove to me that condors truly are not among the freest animals on earth and how they haven't actually learned how to dominate a frontier that you and I are limited in knowledge of. Prove to me that spirits do not defy gravity every day. I will be waiting.