Into the Mind of the Money-Eyed: How the world is becoming centeredaround the illusion of economy

There is a startling trend in the world today. The trend of the mass populous in this individualistic society moving further and further into an Orwellian post-apoc world where there are no more nationalities or ethnicities, but corporations.
This is nothing out of the ordinary in reading about a world of monarchs and their subjects, for many popular media have been apart of this conversation decades past - even so far back as the civilizations of the first men. Greed, power, and corruption have been recurring themes in narrativity throughout time eternal. This is not a generalization, as the legends of Gilgamesh, Bhuda, Jesus, Beowulf, and the Thirteenth Warrior all have great representation of these deadly sins and cardinal virtues, albeit by many different names. Today, however, the world is no longer being ruled by a conglomerate of warring kings or republics.

When I took Econ 101, the first thing that I learned was that most of what you might call money is an illusion. That means that everything based on this system of credit balances and dividends is also an illusion. Stock brokers are actually just gamblers who have faster access to truth and information, and "truth" is a highly relative term. If it is said to be one way, it is probably another.

The sad thing is that it's already way too late to make any sort of positive change in the individual mind of America. We are set on the idea that economy is wealth and wealth is power. No longer are we Americans pacified by the idea that there is a certain element of patriotism involved in being American. A certain independence of every sort of all-powerful eye in the world.

Ronald Reagan and his merry band of tape-cutters saw to it that this nation became a business, and nothing more. The rich are only in it to get richer. And the poors can all go get food stamps or whatever it is that they do.

And then, when we don't get enough money, we all loose our shit. We start flipping cars and throwing rocks and molotovs at police cars and looting liquor stores.

What these rioters don't realize is that they're already lost. Their rioting because they don't have enough money. They are already overcome by greed. Their hearts are in the right place, yes. But their minds are far beyond repair.