Not really a poem of a Healing Heart.

I pray to God that you’ve gotten rid of that teddy bear.
With all of the raging thoughts that I can hardly bear,
going to and fro within my mind causing evermore wear and tear,
your love of me shouldn’t be there.

We haven’t spoken for a while –
You left me high and dry.
You’re the type of person who leaps without looking in front or behind.
Consequences litter the ground at your lie.

For all that you’ve done to me I want to say I hate you.
But I can’t. I was yours and you were mine.
This wound will never fully heal, like a Morgul blade of the Nine.

If you were to come running into my arms i'd take you back,
no matter how many times that you hurt me.
So, don't ever come back.

I still think about you.

We were soul mates.

And now I know-
love is the antithesis of my ambition.

I don’t ever want to love again.