Freedom is at the best and the worst of all times merely the luminescent illusion created by an imaginative political strategist in an age long since skimmed over by those not interested in the lessons of history.

  Freedom is at the same time both an ideology and ideal to be strived for, and a simple human construct that may not necessarily exist at all. Freedom is both American-Capitalist and Russian-Communist. Freedom is a simple human right, but also the virtue of terrorists and death-dealers. Freedom is, and is not, free. This is due to the tumultuous nature of what exactly freedom is - which is whatever the beholder says it is. In all actuality, there is no such thing as freedom - only that feeling you get deep down in your gut that assures you that everything is going to be all right in the end. Whatever that is.

Religion is an oozing construct of human insecurities and ailments juxtaposed upon the fear of whatever lies in the shadowy unknown on the other side of a closed door. Religion is almost a self-conscious force in itself - flaccid at times and erect at others, showering its victims in the milky white substance of its non-tangible consequences. For centuries, the fear of angels has far outweighed the fear of guns or bombs or evil men.

Politics is the lifeblood of any decent civilized society. Politics is the force which staves off apathy, but in an uncertain world of vitriolic hatred and blood-stains littering the congressional, parliamentary, executive, and even judicial halls of power and influence the world over - politics might seem these days like a force for nothing but anything that isn’t progressive or liberal, perhaps the only two forces for change in our confused world.

These three… things… concepts, ideologies, ideals, ideas, human constructs - whatever it is that they are, Freedom, Religion, and Politics are interrelated and interconnected. One might exist independently without the other, but it has been proven time over time and time again that these things are intercausal. That humanity which is developed and occurs naturally over the evolving timeline of one of these three blobs of paradigm effects the train of events within each other one, and that which happens in one is nothing near simple happenstance to any other.