"That's Broadway," - Simon.
The homeless one.

I shook the hand of a two-time tony winner tonight.

I looked into his eyes.

He begrudgingly agreed - just before sinking back into the irksome darklight of Broadway.

The play is called "Something Rotten" and night after night, these actors have to embody a script that depreciates their entire profession under the guise of comedy.

Is this play Casey Nicholaw's midlife crisis?

Is he trying to tell us that underneath this fucking song-and-dance, this fucking tap-tap, this fucking musical number, something is deeply wrong in Broadway? Something... something rotten?

What a great gut-punch for my very first Broadway play. Thanks, Casey. Now I feel like shit.

Or is this play something more pointed, more directed at the creators of this city? Creators who struggle with fame and everyone else who struggles to be famous.

"It's hard to be the Bard." - That's on a tee-shirt in the lobby. You're damn right I bought that.

Is this Mr. Nicholaw's advice to future generations of writers and storytellers? Directors? Filmakers? Fuck, maybe this is his plea to podcasters... his plea to anyone who wants to dedicate the rest of their life to pursue the creative arts.

And that plea: FOLLOW YOUR HEART. When you find something that rings true, write that. Write that which makes you feel. And write that which makes others feel the same way that you do.

[ASIDE]: My deepest apologies to Mr. David Hibbard. I was the one who asked you what to do with my plastic cup at the end of the show. I honestly didn't realize it was you until I was standing in line at the Shake Shack down the street, writing this entry into my journal to be transcribed later when I got settled in for the evening.

As for my first official full day in New York City?


Exhausting. But still AWESOME.